Our Team

David Garison

Lead Pastor

Brandon Forsythe

Teaching Pastor

Julie Eastman

Executive Minister

Kristy Bratovich

Director of Business Administration

Josh Carnes

Worship Minister

Angela Castillo

Executive Assistant

Bonnie Curl

Children's Minister

Dylan Delgatto

Assistant Worship Minister

Megan Donaldson

Online Church Coordinator

Randy Dowden

Facilities Manager

Laura Freeman

Serve Director

Jamie Hood

Communication Director

Mary Lafferty

Student & Children’s Coordinator

Scotti Beth Lawson

Student Minister

Gary Luedecke

Discipleship Minister

Cathy Lyons

Druze Coordinator

Daphne McCoy

Communications & Operations Coordinator

Brie McMahon

Serve Coordinator - Church

Cody Morse

Student Minister

Christie Pulido

Serve Coordinator - World Partnerships

Leslie Ramey

Adult Care Minister

Vicki Sommerwerck

Gather Minister

Donna Sonnier

Finance Assistant

Dasha Taylor

Adult Minister

Lexi Turner

Children's Media Coordinator

Michael Turner

Video Director

Michelle Vega

Serve Coordinator - Community

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