Life on Mission



Your story matters. Our lives are stories of struggle, hope, redemption, pain, courage and grace. We are a church made up of these stories and that includes yours. When we share our stories about what God has done, it introduces the world to our unseen God.

Your story – regardless of how “spectacular” or “ordinary” you feel it is – is a story about who God is and what He does. It is your firsthand account of how God has changed you.

Writing out your story helps you to think through the details and put it into an order that makes sense. This is helpful whether you are sharing your story on social media, in a video, or in a conversation.

Want some help to prepare your heart before you start this process? As you write out your story, check out the Devotional page.

After you write out your story take a look at these Ten Tips for sharing your story! 

Are you ready to start writing your story? Get started on the step by step process of writing your story by clicking on either the Salvation story or the Event story tabs below. 

Let us celebrate with you by sharing your story here (link to email


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